Qualche giorno fa ho assistito ad un discorso di Estanislao Bachrach sulla creatività dal punto di vista delle neuroscienze.

L’ho trovato estremamente stimolante e nello stesso tempo coerente con la visione di Ad Meliora, quindi ho pensato di condividerlo, d’accordo con Bachrach. Le note sono mie e riportano quel che ho capito e anche interpretato. Sono in inglese, perchè lui parlava quella lingua. Mi sono chiesto se tradurlo, ho deciso infine di no. E’ un inglese semplice ma se non fosse completamente chiaro in ogni passaggio, quella di comprenderlo è una sfida da accettare per crescere, e magari far crescere me dandomi un feedback sui punti poco chiari.

Paolo Vallarano

Notes from a speech of Estanislao Bachrach held at the HUB LVentureGroup & LUISSEnlabs on 17/9/2019

Creativity: a neuroscientific prospective

Why innovative companies are innovative?

Creativity is both talent and skill. In this century in order to make a difference you have to be creative.
2% of people are creative, others are not because of school and parents.

Creativity according to Bachrach is Added value+ Novelty.

What is the recipe of creativity? What creative people have in common? According to researches made by Bachrach:
• Multiplicity of perspectives
• Self awareness
• A lot of energy but sometimes very calm
• Work a lot
• Combination of play and discipline
• Intention (I want to be more creative)
• More relax (alfa brain mode) you have, more ideas (gamma brain mode) you have
• Meditation to improve: self esteem; self awareness; self efficacy
Experience, Certainty, Culture are enemies of creativity.

Consider that our brain cannot recognize Reality and Fantasy. Everything depends on what you believe, then the first thing is to believe in yourself and that you can…

Why do you believe about yourself?
Because you’ve been loved by your parents and they’ve trusted in you and school did the same.
So first believe in yourself, then practice.
Remember that Brain is material, Thoughts are energy (measurable).
We can influence thoughts through brain exercise and also the contrary.
What you think everyday changes your brain.
Our thinking influences how our brain works.
So let’s work on how we think: Emotions and Thoughts are causes of our behaviours.
But emotions and thoughts are our thinkings not reality
Let’s try new thinking!
You have neurons you can do it! Inhibition is mental !
Creativity: The same neurons better connected

Ingredients of a creative process to win your challenge as a start up/innovative company/person:
• Curiosity is the heart of creativity: ask questions about your challenge!
• Become an anthropologist! Look for behavioral details in order to get insights
• Dare to connect different things that are apparently not related (for example something you like and your project)
• Networking with people who think different from you
• Experiment, dare to try!
• Go for a lot of ideas and you will have more chances to have a good idea
• Humour is fuel for ideas
• No critics no evalution

Estanislao says he has developed techniques to…
• Break dominant thought patterns
• Transform
• Envision (to dream)
• Absorb info from outside and inside ourserlves
• Connect: link different points
Concerning Evaluation… We are usually good at this, we don’t need to develop new techniques

Ask yourself: do I want to change and accept the challenge of being more creative? There will be pain for sure, but otherwise there will be also more suffering ?
In companies this decision has to be of the CEO.

E infine, se volete scoprire di più sulla visione della creatività di Estanislao Bachrach

Ad Meliora!